Wealth and Asset management

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Wealth and Asset Management

We have been providing financial advice and we have been managing our clients’ wealth and assets since 1997.

We are  Independent Asset Managers.

Our goal is to protect our clients’ assets while maximizing their investments’ returns.
We operate independently and strictly avoiding any conflicts of interest.

We enjoy strong partnerships with the most important custodian banks, where we open our clients’ accounts.

We pay the greatest attention to the assessment of our clients’ risk profiles.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible results in full respect of the risk parameters chosen.

Our Services
Thanks to the experience acquired over many years, we provide a full range of services on wealth and asset management. We offer bespoke solutions in line with our clients’ risk profile and goals.

Being part of the CAPITALI e IDEE Group allows us to take advantage of important synergies within the tax and corporate advisory, business services and Real Estate, whose benefits directly extend to our clients.

All this thanks to the professional skills of 50+ specialists and staff.

Discretionary Asset Management

Together with our clients we choose the investment strategy which is best suited to their risk profiles. The investment choices and the portfolio management activities are delegated to the consultant.

Asset Management with Client’s prior Consent

The client wants to be in the position to personally take investment’s decisions. Investments’ proposals must be endorsed by the client prior to implementation. The client can make his own decisions due to the fact that the consultant has been providing him with the relevant information and analysis.

Financial Consulting Services

The consultant provides the client with investment proposals, market and scenario analysis and financial products’ evaluations. The clients can directly implement the solutions they like best.

Bespoke Investment Solutions

We prepare, suggest and implement bespoke investment proposals upon our clients’ requests and particular needs.

Production of Consolidated Balance Sheets

Thanks to our feature PMS managing software, consolidated balance sheets concerning banking relationships in different banks are provided in real time and at an any time. Our clients are thus enabled to constantly monitor their exposures both relating to currency and the different active positions. It’s an essential service for risk monitoring and evaluation, which also allows us to act immediately when needed.

Portfolio Risk Analysis

Thanks to our professional skills and the regular use of risk management software, we perform a complete portfolio risk analysis anytime this is requested.

Treasury management for Institutional Clients

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The idea for this project stemmed from the desire to provide start-ups, young people and students with the quality service which is best suited to their needs. CAPITALI e IDEE  easy offers services at very attractive prices in the following areas of expertise:

  • Accounting services for people under 35
  • Tax consulting services for people under 30
  • Permits handling for people under 30

We can also provide students and young people with strategically positioned accommodation.

Our team of young professionals, who are operating in a smart and informal environment, help CAPITALi e IDEE easy’s younger clients find the solution which is best suited to their needs.

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